On a mission to transform online exam preparation and skill acquisition into a rewarding experience for students, community and beyond with technology.

Who We Are

We are an Education Technology (Ed-Tech) startup company aiming to create an ideal assessment engine offering actionable insights to students, educational organisations and employers for recruitment as well as appraisals. Our team has vast experience in technology and in the educational domain. We strongly believe in the power of community to do great things together and are influenced by the impressive work done by Stack Exchange, Wikimedia Foundation and Hacker News.

Our Values

Values will always be an important part of how we do things, honest with ourselves and the organisation and staying true to the mission. We like to plan and execute our work keeping long term goals in mind and are always keen to have a tight feedback loop with our community.

We believe in progress and growth and with our little steps we are working towards seeking more in future. Our values express the fundamental principles that we want to be at the heart of all we do. We regularly review these values in order to prepare the learner to approach the outside world with the proper ideals and attitude.

Our Mission

EPF by initiating its first step from the area of Competitive exams aims to reach every student across the globe and facilitate them by giving them better insights through its assessment engine to know their unique potential. We collaboratively work to bring a platform that can help out students to unburden themselves from coercing them to find their weak areas, their strengths, and plan a routine to eliminate the stumbling blocks of their preparation. We seek to meet the students needs and interests of educators as well as to improve public understanding of educational technology and exam preparation. In our work, we pledge to uphold the aforementioned principles both internally and externally.

EPF family has been constructively progressing towards building an ideal assessment tool that will not only help students but also empower schools and institutions to have better insights about their teachers and have a comparative overview of their performance through our reports. Our vision aims to facilitate our community members to adapt best practices for the preparation and we try to create an ecosystem uniting community, technology and education to make it a reality by building a bridge to connect institutions, teachers and students together through our platform.

Our Founders

Our founders have over three decades of experience in EdTech and have been working in Vidya Mantra together for many years in top management.

Jai Gupta, Co-Founder, CEO

Founder, CEO of Vidya Mantra, DCE alumnus.

Vikram Solia, Co-Founder, Chief Evangelist

CLO of Vidya Mantra, ex CTO/COO of Ballistic Learning, SRCC alumnus.