Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to the questions you may have

One of our aims at EPF is to make it as accessible as possible and hence we are committed to offer all of the content for free.All mock tests, question papers will always remain free. A few of the upcoming advanced features like deep analysis reports would be chargeable. The current services like Alert notifications, Community forum, Mock test, Previous Year papers and Practice papers will always be free for the users. We will be launching our new services and features on our platform, some of which will be chargeable in future.

EPF is essentially powered by community and aims to involve everyone. You may imagine this as Wikipedia or stackexchange communities. We would bring features to allow you to contribute in various ways like adding questions, creating mockups, adding solutions and tricks etc. At present, the best way to contribute is by helping other fellow learners at EPF Community. We also welcome your feedback and thoughts on how EPF could become better. Our entire team tries to spend as much time as possible in the community and are available for discussions.

We are here to add value to coaching centres & educators by empowering them with detailed deep analysis of learner’s assessments and tests. We have no plans to start coaching on our own. EPF at its core is an assessment engine which would help students get the much needed insights and will reduce their preparation time.

Best way to seek help is through the EPF community. You will find your peers in the community generally quite helpful, at the least you will find fellow learners sailing at the same boat as you and we believe, together we will find all solutions. Although our team at EPF loves to spend as much time as possible with the community, we are mostly busy adding more features and adding more value to EPF. We do not have any other communication channels like phone or email and are limited to our community forums only.